Trade of anger is a multi-genre band based in New Delhi, India. It was founded by Angad, lead guitarist of the band. The band is young yet the passion, determination, enthusiasm and zeal to learn allow it to get an edge over their counterparts

Name of the band: After brooding over several names, we named our band Trade of Anger. Originally we named it Abstruse Theory. However, there is an incident that changed our lives and compelled us to change the name of our band.

We want to share that incident with all of you.

Like every other success-seeking band, we used to jam all through the night. However, we didn’t have sound proof room. Hence, complaints from the neighborhood were inevitable. To deal with this, we installed egg crates all over the room. It made our room soundproof. We were excited as we could try new beats and tunes all night long without hindering our neighbors’ sound sleep. We started loving these hassle free jamming sessions.

We were preparing for our show on the eve of Christmas. We were done with our beats, sound system and songs. But on December 23rd 2009, fire broke into our practice room (may be due to short circuit). Luckily no one was there. But our precious instruments, electronic devices and cameras were there. Everything transformed into ashes before fire fighters arrived.

We were barehanded. Support of family and friends was there but money wasn’t. Agonized eyes had shattered dreams. We were cursing our fate in anger. However, time taught us to believe in ourselves. We arranged finances bought instruments again and jam in the same room. Today, we trade anger for smiles. That’s we are known as Trade of Anger.



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