It all started outside the music room of NMIMS university, Shirpur campus in September, 2013.
Where I (Arun Singhal) was practicing nothing else matters and Akash Parulekar walked by and said let me teach you. I quickly picked up the song and we both performed on that very day in music room.
A dream to form a band was in motion and quickly we both started to search for a drummer and bassist then, Tejasv Kumar and Mihir Rajhans joined the band.
Instantly, took a 1 hour slot in the music room and started working on originals and covers.??
Why Stonned Generation?
Now, don’t get us wrong here anyway most of you will but it isn’t about the stuff you have been puffing here and there.
We have found something much higher then this and that’s our music.
We Feel high on our own Music…!!!
and that's why it is spelled with double “n”.
I hope you get the meaning if not give a listen to our music and decide for yourself...!!!


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