A Musicologist / Music Therapist... An innovative, speciality teacher of :
Ras-siddhaant - 'Nav-ras' ( Nine Prominent emotions ), Voice Culture & The Philosophy of Creative Music... and also - Ghazals, Keyboard, Tabla, the Indian Drums,
Flute ( Baansuri ) & Santoor.

Profile of a Creative Musician / Composer...

University Educated SHEKHAR GEMINI was born in Braj Bhumi, Uttar Pradesh, richest in Indian folk music. Initially he had been a self-taught musician but later noted musicians and teachers like Dr. Murari Sharma and The late Narain Prasad ji groomed him in the fineries of music.

His teaching / performing expertise lies in different styles of Vocal Hindustani Classical& light Music, namely.... Khayal, Thumri, Ghazal, Bhajan, Vandana, Bhav Sangeet and Folk Songs.

In Instrumental Music, he is capable of teaching virtually every possible Musical Instrument, be it Percussion, String, Wind Instruments or Electronic Instruments such as Key Board & Guitar.

Education / Experience :

Post Graduate; He has been teaching Music ( Vocal & Instrumental ) up to the post graduate level for the past 26 years and expertise in VOICE CULTURE to improve the singing quality of the learner for different styles of light Hindustani Music and Playback Singing, as well.

Recitals Held :

He has given concerts in numerous Towns of India and performed Hindustani Classical Music for Artists of the State program, conducted by Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Academy.

In Bangalore, he has been giving concerts and stage shows at Chowdaiah Memorial Hall, CSIC & J.N. Tata Auditorium, Town Hall, Ravindra Kala Kshetra and other formal and informal venues in the town.

He has been giving Lecture cum Demonstration quite frequently, in many a Cultural and Educational Institutions, in and around Bangalore.

In 1998, he completed his tour, consisting of his concerts and lecture cum demonstration, in various towns and parts of the USA like New York, Chicago, Dallas, Buffalo and many towns of Northern and Southern New Jersey. His inimitable style of singing was widely appreciated and received radio coverage & rare reviews at large by the music lovers and event managers in America.

He has musically composed over 300 Songs, in almost all-prevalent Singing Styles of North Indian Music.

Bijliyan, his debut album of Ghazals, released in 1997, gave a new dimension to Ghazal Singing. Also, it was the very first Ghazal Album to ever come out from Bangalore.

His second Album...Kuchh bhooloon kuchh yaad karoon - a panorama of various singing styles like Bhajans, Chants, Vandanas, Folk Songs and Ghazals; was released in the year 2000.

At present he is working on a long project creating musical presentation of different emotions. The first of this series has already come under the title of " ANGER - The Musical Presentation. " and two other albums, simultaneously... KABIR (Bhajans) and LORI (Lullabies).

Apart from being one of the most appreciated and creative Music Teachers, he is a well-known name in Bangalore as a Music Composer, Arranger and Director, as well as Project Consultant for Music Audio Albums.

He has also formulated an ideal Syllabus for the various levels of music learning.

Other than an Educator and Performing Artist, he is also a learned scholar in Musicology.

His book 'The Philosophy of Music', the only one in this field, was published, in the State Award-Winning Magazine... KALA DARSHAN of Rajasthan.

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