Samanvay is a young 19 year old Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist from New Delhi. He has been writing songs in English and Hindi since the age of 14.

A self taught vocalist, guitarist and acoustic percussionist, he is a one-man band with his guitar and loop station.

Hugely inspired by Grammy Winning Artist, Ed Sheeran, Acoustic Pop is one of his strong genres. He has been a vital part of many projects from different genres, ranging from Pop, Rock, Metal and Fusion.

He is a certified Rockschool vocalist, learning under the guidance of Jazmine, who herself is an established artist in the Indian music circuit, at Performer’s Collective School Of Music.

His set list includes tracks from artist like Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth, Cold Play, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, Zayn, Jamie Lawson, Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, Kodaline etc. and a variety of original compositions, with which he has played many successful shows at reputed venues like The Piano Man Jazz Clue, Depot48, The Hungry Monkey and more mentioned below.

He writes his songs in a poetic manner which often tell stories, usually related to his personal life or completely made up instances, which make the listeners fall in love with his words. He beautifully captures the complexity of relationships in his songs with heart-warming melodies.

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