I am the founder of the Western Label Emergence Records Based in Australia and work swith Artists such as , George Clinton ( Pfunk ), Sidney Barns who wrote for Artists such as The Jackson 5 and the Supremes, The Dell ( Grammy Hall of Famers ) Sean O'Bryan Smith, Rahn Anthoni and the list go's on, I am known as a Producer who is an Innovator and can turn nothing into something. I have a Passion for the Native American Flute, Shakuhuchi and Irish Flutes and love my Keyboards and sample all my own Loops and samples from my Kit. I love working in Collaboration with others and just creating music, I Play any style, from Electronic, Acoustic, Club, Electro, House, World, Ambient, Meditation , Jazz, Blues, Rock, Reggae, R&B, Hip Hop and work with all technology's. I have played a lot live and I love Producing. I set up Emergence Records to give Artists a fair go and a chance to get paid what they are deserved with the artist receiving no less than 50% of sales at bare minimum, and I have a heart to help new Artists get a break who are really talented. I am of Indian Heritage and half Polish, I have a live Duo called ChillaX with my friend Trevor bartle and thats really it. I am looking to connect with Indian Musicians , Vocalists , to sign to the Label and connections into doing Bollywood Movie Soundtracks with a cross of Western/Indian Music including Jazz, Hip Hop, House, R&B, Electro, Blues. I am also looking for soneone who knows the Indian Music and Film industry to be an A&R Rep for the Label so if you are interested contact me via this Email,

Also listen to Emergence Music Radio, our 24hr Radio Station featuring interviews and Music from around the world.

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