Omkar Agnihotri is a prodigy in himself. He started his musical journey well, in his cradle. Born in the family of musicians he had the bliss all around him. Omkar began his training for harmonium and vocals with his grandpa Surmani Pt. Uttamrao Agnihotri from the tender age of 2 and half years. Recently he is learning Harmonium from Pt. Vishwanath Kanhere also taking Strict Taalim of Harmonium solo by Sitar style from a great Sitar Maestro UStad Siraj Khan of Mewati Gharana He stood on stage at the age of 5 for his first performance! Right from then creating and playing music with keys has been the driving force for him. He was awarded as the Best Young Artist by Hridayesh Arts, Mumbai in the year 2014.

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