KPT'S start in music business came at the young age of 13 in choir class. He said his “choir teacher asked me and Draft P1ck (artist) to rap at the end of the show, and they did. From then on, he was hooked on rap and performing. His first recording was at a friend’s house on a RadioShack microphone and the rest is history. Since then, he has been passing out music and mix tapes for seven years. His influences in music come from all genres. From hip hop to country to Indian music, he truly is passionate about energetic performances and raging on stage, but says he listens to everything from Kid Rock to LeAnn Rimes. He takes his hyped-up performances from Tupac, but also took note from Bob Marley and The Beatles for their crowd-pleasing shows. Along with fellow artist Draft P1ck, he founded F.A.M Entertainment, an independent music production label. He hopes to continue to expand F.A.M Entertainment to promote new talent from all over the country

KPT has just recently released his first solo mixtape "Welcome Back" featuring artists such as Snoop dogg, Bone thugs, Ray Cash and Ray Jr. The mixtape is available for download on The mixtape has reached numbers past 30,000 views and was heavily promoted via internet and television. KPT had a commercial airing promoting the mixtape through the month of february. He is currently working on his newest mixtape and performing at venues throughout the midwest

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