Community Guidelines

The community guidelines will help you understand what community is all about. Your use of is also subject to our Terms of Use.


  • Respect Community community is a diverse group with a lot of different opinions and views. We expect every user to respect other’s views. This does not mean you cannot raise your voice when there is anything which is not as per the Terms of Use. You can raise concerns when offensive, defamatory, abusive, or otherwise contrary to our Terms of Use, you can let us know by sending an email.
  • Be Specific
    We recommend you to be more specific when you post a comment or a question on It helps everyone to avoid misunderstandings and leads to building a better community.
  • Report Abuse
    Use the report abuse feature to alert the support team or report any abuse or problem directly by email.
  • Keep it legal
    Do not post anything illegal and get into trouble. It is considered illegal when you post something which is defaming others, posting porn images or content, using hate speech, illegal activities or posting private information of other people.


  • Use someone else's name
    Do not use someone else's name as the user names are allotted on first come, first served basis. Do not create the accounts on the name of another person. If you come across any such instance, please report to us immediately by sending an email.
  • Too many posts
    Creating too many posts or comments on same topic to promote your profile will result in suspension or termination of your account.
  • Ownership
    If you are uploading any pictures, sound clips or music you must always be certain that you own the rights or you should be the original creator of these files.
  • Inappropriate Content
    Do not post anything irrelevant in the community. Personal issues cannot be posted in the community which is not relevant to others.

Finally, be nice to the community and we want everyone to feel good in the community.
Thanks for reading! Team