Hi. Welcome to my page yo. Iam Asif Ansari. Iam a Music lover. In real life Iam a little quite and i don't go out too much. I like being alone sometimes, almost all the time. Places where you can find me most is my home or YouTube. I have a brother a year younger than me, we have everything in common except that he don't write or make music but I do.
Iam a day dreamer and a big fan of drake. I watch movies and TV shows, I would recommend everyone to watch prison break for once at least (High five if you have watched it already ?) . I was born humble, don't argue or don't mess with someone unless we've got a problem. Iam single and i don't give a fuck (sic) what you think about me. My name itself tells that I don't care too much about personal relationships but only focus on my goals and achievements. You can Google search that yo. #Peace bhai loog.

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