I am a self taught full time musician/composer (Keyboard/Piano). Looking for a good platform like yours to serve best of my musical visions. Permanently shifted in Mumbai from September 2015.
Just like it's said everyday is a new learning.... That's how discovering new dimensions of music. Because Keyboard/Piano has been my major instrument....that makes my abilities to perform live....& i'm glad to tell that I have shared concert platform with legendary artists like sir Naveen kumar and other permanent musicians of Sir A.R.Rahman. Have also worked with one of the known bollywood music director Sandesh Shandilya as a assistant music arranger. Did a master training of Russian piano from K.M.Music Conservatory Chennai, which is owned by A.R.Rahman himself. Allow me to serve my musical skills as per your event requirement, sir/mam. A want to make everyone aware of that flavor of music which is untouched. Every artist has it's own flavor of music & so do i.

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