Born to Hindu Family (New Delhi/India). Started His Struggle in the Underground 2013 when he was just 17 . Worked on Music producing software . His interest towards music began to rise . Financial condition of his family was poor .As he turned 18 wanted to do a Sound Engineering Course but could not do because of the financial crisis.
Kept learning musical skills by watching International Artists on Youtube .
People who encouraged him turned this time when he actually choose go in this field .
He says he has made a promise to his mother on her 'Mom, I will become a big person one day and the whole world will know my mother '
The same year 2014 he was in love with a girl who ditched him during the time when every one left him. That affected Akashhh even much more as his girlfriend left him when he needed her the most .
Today ppl asked him why does he make so many sad emotional songs. This is the reason .

'Akash Dutta' better known by his stage name "Akash-hh" is a Music Artist , Dancer , Rapper, Actor & an R&B Singer from INDIA representing NEW DELHI CITY. Says that ''MUSIC IS HIS LANGUAGE'' he makes music for animations Films & Advertisements. Wants to work with various known Hip Hop Artists , Dreams Big. Sure that the world will know him one day. Does creative works which are easy to impress the listners. follows hip hop,R&B, R&soul . About his personal life , got a very sweet n loving family , just want to see them proud...want to raise their respect to the top . He realizes he was nothing without his mother. His life became even much more harder to live without her.He promises he won't let his family down , won't let anyone cry. will fight for the truth and gain respect just like his mother. Also says
' For Him Education Is Music

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Akash Dutta
New Delhi

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