Music Upload

You can upload music tracks in 10 different formats - MP3, WAV, WMA, AIFF, OGG, M4A, AAC, MP4, 3GA and 3GP2 formats. Our team is working hard to support more formats in near future.
We encode your music tracks in MP3 format of 44.1 kHz and 128 kbps.
Upload file size is restricted to 10 MB. However, you can upload multiple tracks as long as you have the storage available.
You can upload a maximum of 200 MB of music for FREE.
We are working on multiple file upload feature and will be launching soon.
Uploading time of your music file depends on several factors including Internet speed at your end, the size of the file, the format of the file etc. Usually for a standard quality music file with size 5 MB, it takes just a few seconds to complete upload and encoding. You will experience the fastest music upload process ever.
Yes. You can upload your music tracks and keep them private so that only you can listen to them. Unless you share them with your connections or make them public, no one else can view or listen to them.
No. You will infringe copyright if you upload any copyrighted music tracks to Avoid uploading copyrighted music. We strictly recommend you to upload original music which is owned by you and not owned by anyone else. However, to showcase your talent, you can sing a movie song or play it on an instrument as a sample to showcase your skills.
No. Purchasing an album from a music store gives you rights to listen and enjoy the music. You do not have distribution rights of this music. It is owned by a Music company and you need to get explicit written permission from the company to distribute the music legally.
You can share your music directly from with your connections and Facebook friends. Click on the share button on your track to check the options available.
No. You have to change your track settings to make it either “Public” or “Share with Connections”.
No. There is no limit for maximum duration. However, your music track can not be more than 10 MB in size.
Yes. We do have several promotional offers for new album releases including featured album on home page, email campaigns, text and voice based advertising etc. You can send an email to for more details on advertising options.
Currently we do not have music selling option on our site. However, we can partner to promote your album.
We recommend you to enter complete information about your music track when you are uploading. This helps us to promote your track both on as well as search engines. Music Tags help to identify the song, artists, genre etc. You can enter any tags which you think are apt for your track.
Yes. Our system automatically recognizes the ID3 tags for MP3 files you upload and saves them in our database. We support ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags. You can update these tags anytime.

Profiles has five categories a user can register in. These are Music Lover, Artist, Band, Business and Industry Professional.
Yes. You can create multiple profiles up to a maximum of 5 profiles.
Yes. We do not have any restriction on profile creation category wise. However, your total number of profiles cannot exceed five in a single account.
Businesses are those which sell products or services. Examples of businesses are Studio, Institute/College, Radio Station, Event Management Company, Record Label, Venue etc. Industry Professionals are individuals who are related to music industry. Examples of industry professionals are Music Director, Composer, Conductor, Technician, Studio Manager, Recording Engineer etc.
You can send messages to your fans from your fans page. However, the number of messages you can send depends on the membership type you are registered in.
Once you have logged into your with your Facebook account, click on account settings to find “Change Password” option. This will enable you to login next time using the password you set and the email address you have used in your Facebook.
You can click on “Invite Friends” icon on the top and select Facebook to invite your friends to
Contact information is in “About” tab of your profile. Click on “Add Contact Details” and select the category you would like to add contact in. You can add contacts for Manager, Agent, Bookings and General.
Click on the “Promote” button on your profile and select Facebook, Google+ or Yahoo to promote your profile and send a message directly to your friends. This feature will help you to quickly expand your network on
No. We do not support multiple Facebook account with a single account. You can create a new account and link a different Facebook account to it.
Yes. We support multiple profiles in a single account. When you switch between these profiles, the options related to the profile are visible.
We currently have Basic profiles enabled on the site. We are working on PRO profiles which will be launched soon.